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Gift Egwuenu

Hello! 👋
I’m a Software Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria and I'm passionate about the open-source community and enjoy solving complex problems using web technologies.

Web Accessibility For Beginners

Building accessible applications or websites is not the norm today. This is because the idea of accessibility is known to most developers, while in actual sense it is often neglected and not a common practice today in the world of web development.


Tree-Shaking Basics for React Applications

Tree-shaking is an important way to reduce the size of your bundle and improve performance. See how you can do it in your React apps.


Getting Started with Gridsome

The era of Static Site Generators is changing over time, a lot of cool tools are being created to help foster the JAMStack evolution and developers are embracing these tools. One of the tools for creating blazing fast websites is Gridsome.


Migrating to Gridsome from Hugo

I recently moved my blog from Hugo to Gridsome static site generator. its great to adopt change I did because I wanted a more flexible solution and Gridsome offers that and more.


My Workflow And Tools That Help Me Speed Up Productivity

In this post I’ll outline the tools I use for my day to day activities.